The Tonga Refrigeration Engineers’ Association; a Key Factor in Retaining Tonga’s Compliance with the Montreal Protocol

The CEO for MEIDECC and the RAC technicians attending the consultation

01/06/2022, The MEIDECC’s Department of Climate Change hosted a consultation meeting with the Tonga Refrigeration Engineers’ Association (TREA) on the major responsibilities of the Association as well as discussions on the specifics of the National Ozone Layer Protection Regulation which is currently in the initial stage of the drafting process. 

In the opening session of the meeting, the CEO for MEIDECC, Mr. Paula Maú acknowledged the collaborations and commitments of the RAC sector with the National Ozone Layer Protection Unit from the Department of Climate Change in sustaining Tonga’s compliance with the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.

  “However, not all our work is done. Therefore I  call upon climate actions to harness the power of the Montreal Protocol to make progress in minimizing the Global Warming caused by HFC – the fastest growing greenhouse gas, “concluded Mr. Maú in his opening remarks.

The highlight of the consultation was the presentation by Mr. Áloisio Fifita from the Department of Climate Change – National Ozone Unit.  He focused on the core responsibilities of the Association in which he believed to be an integral part to the stability and sustainability of the TREA.

 “In terms of Montreal Protocol compliance, the Association must serve as a professional advisory medium to the government and other interest groups on technologies and services relevant to air – condition/ refrigeration, particularly in national sustainable developments,” echoed Mr. Fifita in his presentation.

Ms. Papyrus Tokai from the MEIDECC’s legal division of the Corporate Services Department concluded the consultation by speaking on the purposes of drafting the ozone regulation.  She explained that the regulation will dictate how the provisions of the Ozone Layer Protection Act will be applied. “The codes of practice, standard operating procedures and licensing measures are an example of what to include in the ozone regulation and will require technical feedback and views,” said Ms. Tokai.

The meeting was held at the Basilica of St. Anthony of Padua in Nuku’alofa as part of the activities of Tonga’s HCFC Phase-out Management Plan and was attended by technicians from different local companies.


Mr. Paula Maú to the left in his opening remarks, Ms. Papyrus Tokai in the middle during her presentation on ozone regulation and Mr. Álosio Fifita to the right in his presentation on the responsibilities of the TREA.