Policy and Planning Division

Output 7.02: Effective coordination and implementation of climate change plan, policy and legislation

Sub-Output 02.1: Tonga Climate Change Policy

Sub-Output 02.2: Joint National Action Plan (JNAP 2)

Sub-Output 02.3: Tonga Climate Change Fund Bill/Legislation

Sub-Output 02.4: Climate Change Mainstreaming

Sub-Output 02.5: Staff Professional Development

Division’s Responsibilities: This division will be responsible for the coordination and implementation of climate change policies, plans and legislations in close collaboration with all national climate change relevant stakeholders. Mainstreaming of climate change issues into policies, plans and legislations (community, sectoral and national level) is also the core responsibility of this division.  This division will also ensure that the Government of Tonga fulfils its obligations under the international climate change convention and agreements whereby it acceded to.

Division’s Organizational Structure


Division’s Organizational Structure 

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