Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change Project (PACC)

PACC is a regional project, financed by GEF/SCCF, working in 14 Pacific Island countries. PACC in Tonga is focusing on demonstrating water sector adaptation measures in 6 villages in Tongatapu, such as improvement of the public reticulation systems, installation of bore holes, pumps, and monitoring wells.

With the additional funds provided by AusAID, the project is providing support to the same communities in expanding/upgrading water harvesting systems as part of the project’s effort to provide an integrated solution. The fund will also be used to plant mangroves along the shoreline to protect groundwater resources (to be commenced in 2012).

Project Summary
Project ScopeRegional
Project TypeWater Management
Focus AreaWater Management and Climate Change
Start Date2010
End Date2013
Short TitlePACC Project
Project StatusCompleted
Implementing Agency:Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
Project ObjectiveAdaptation Measures to enhance resilience of communities to climate change
Project FundGEF, AusAid
Project LocationFo'ui-Ha'atafu (6 villiages at Hihifo Districit)

Pilot Site

  • Fo’ui-Ha’atafu ( 6 villiages at Hihifo District)