Green Climate Fund Readiness Preparatory and Support Program(GCF-RPSP)Phase  II

This support is aimed at delivering medium and long-term programmatic capacity building that targets Tonga’s NDA to the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and supporting staff within the Department of Climate Change MEIDECC towards strengtherend institutional and coordinational mechanisms to govern and coordinate climate climate action and finance in Tonga.

Project Summary
Project ScopeRaising Awareness
Information and engaging with key stakeholder, groups around approaches to climate change issues and response efforts at all levels about the status of the NCD
Enchange the capacity of the implementation of JNAP II
Contribute to acheiving some of the targets for NCD and JNAP II
Project TypeGrant
Focus AreaCountry capacity for engagement with GCF
Country programming process
Direct access to climate finance
Climate Finance accessed

Start Date20-April-2020
End Date20-April-2022
Short TitleGCF-PRSP 2
Project StatusCurrent
Implementing Agency: Ministry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Environment, Climate Change and Communication
Project ObjectiveAimed to deliever medium and long-term programmatic capacity building targeting the NDA and staff within the Department of Climate Change (DCC) towards strengthened institutional capacity and coordination mechanisms to govern and coordinate climate action and finance in Tonga
ActivitiesStrengthen the capacity of the office of the NDA to monitor and report on climate finance flows from various ministries and sector.
Supporting NDA's staff to effectively manage and implement the no-objection procedure and associated plateforms in order to efficiently coordinate the application.
Develop NObpP pamphlet/leaflet and disseminate to key stakeholders through trainings and annual Donor Roundtable.
Revise the NObP(annually) to analyze lessons learned on how effective it is being implemented.
Establish the national Monitoring and Verification system at the MoFNP to register and track all climate finance flows to Tonga.
Upgrade and link the existing DCC climate finance database to the national M&v system.
Conduct 3 meetings with NDA supporting team to confirm the remaining prioritized pipeline projects for accessing GCF funds.
Establish a process reviewing(annually) the section on the prioritized project pipelines in the Country Programme.
Conduct an annual review of the Country Programme pipeline projects with stakeholders.
Conduct training with DCC and NDA supporting staff on mainstreaming gender approaches and sensitization to the needs of vulnerable groups.
Provide training for all vulnerabe groups including men and women, youth, and the disadvantageed when developing concept note for accessing climate finance/GCF funds.
Conduct Consultation with vulnerable groups to confirm their priority issues related to climate change for the development of concept notes to access GCF funds.
Conduct capacity training for MoFNP to understand the PwC Gap Assessment and how to implement Action Plan and the key areas requiring policy develoopment.
MoNFP to complete and upload all related documents for Online Accreditation System.
Address gaps identified and recommended in the Action Plan of the PwC Assessment.
GCF Unit and NDA South-South exchanges on peer-to-peer learning about best practices and experiences on disseminated to stakeholders in Tonga(5th month and 10th month)
Develop at least 2 SAP Concept Notes by 2020/2021.
Develop at least 2 Concept Notes by 2020/2021.
Engage Private Sectors in three robust consultations (workshop training) to enhance their full engagement.
Develop two bankable/paradigm shifting and transformative concept notes for Private Sectors by 2020/2021.
Project FundGreen Climate Fund

Pilot Site

  • Tongatapu