Lavengāmalie Christian College wins first Secondary Schools’ Climate Change Quiz Competition

Lavengāmalie Christian College won the first ever Secondary Schools’ Climate Change Quiz Competition after competing with Tonga College ‘Atele (TCA) for the 1st place yesterday September 20, at Queen Salote College Hall.


The competition was part of the National Climate Change Awareness Week program initiated by MEIDECC’s Department of Climate Change to build students confidence and knowledge on climate change issues.

CEO for the Ministry of Education and Training, Ms. Tangikina Steen said, the ministry is hoping to collaborate more with the Department of Climate Change in order to address climate change issues and how it affects everyday lives in different ways including health, ability to grow food, works and safety.

CEO for MEIDECC, Mr. Paula Ma’u told students that Tonga, “in the Pacific are the most vulnerable populations to the negative impacts of Climate Change; sea level rise, coastal erosion, intense cyclones are affecting our very livelihood and existence. But we are a resilient people.”

“Today you are an ‘Ambassador for Climate Change’ – young as you may be, the future is in your hands. What you do today will decide what you become tomorrow. As a small island nation on the frontline of Climate Change, we need strong, caring and responsible stewards of our environment and people, to build our resilience so we are stronger in the face of calamity.”

The competition started last Friday, September 16 with eight secondary schools and four schools qualified for the semi-final.

Semi-final results

First round:

  • Tailulu College (9 points) vs Lavengāmalie Christian College (10 points)

Second round:

  • Ocean of Light International School (6 points) vs Tonga College ‘Atele (7 points)

Final results

Third round for the 3rd and 4th place:

  • Ocean of Light International School (14 points) vs Tailulu College (4 points)

Final round for the 1st and 2nd place:

  • Lavengāmalie Christian College (8 points) vs Tonga College ‘Atele (7 points)