Composting Competition for Hihifo Primary Schools

The first phase of a Composting Competition for Hihifo District Primary Schools initiated by MEIDECC’s Department of Climate Change was judged yesterday, September 20.

Eight (8) primary schools are participating in the competition including the Government Primary School (GPS) of Kolomotu’a, GPS Hofoa, GPS Puke, GPS Fatai, GPS Te’ekiu, GPS Kanokupolu, Nukunuku Free Wesleyan Primary School (FWPS) and FWPS Kolovai.

The event aims to raise awareness about the benefits of composting to improve or maintain high-quality soil, growing healthy plants using compost soil, reduce the use of fertilizer and pesticides, improve water quality and protect the environment from the impact of climate change.

The competition is part of the programs introduced by the department to commemorate the National Climate Change Awareness Week 2022.

Principals, teachers and students of the eight primary schools were pleased to participate in the event to raise awareness on climate change issues and its impact in Tonga.

The three judges who assessed the first phase of the competition were Mr. Manase Malua from the Ministry of Health’s Public Health Division, Ms. Mele Tu’akalau from MEIDECC’s Department of Environment and Ms. Faka’anaua Tu’itavuki from Waste Authority Limited.

The second phase will be judged in the first week of December 2022.

Similar competitions were also introduced in Vava’u, Ha’apai and ‘Eua and will be judged on September 22.

The contest is funded by the EU-SPC GCCA+ SUPA Project.