Project to improve access to water supply in Niuafo’ou

Figure 1: MV Taka ‘i Pomana departing Nuku’alofa for Niuafo’ou.

The Island of Niuafo’ou will soon benefit from a NZ$565,000 water tank project co-funded by New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and the Tindall Foundation. 

168 water tanks were shipped to Niuafo’ou via MV Taka ‘i Pomana, and the Ports Authority barge, on June 11.

Niuafo’ou Water Supply Project is set to be commissioned by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for MEIDECC Hon Poasi Tei and the New Zealand High Commissioner-designate Mr Matt Howell on June 30. It was marked by New Zealand’s former High Commissioner H.E. Ms Tiffany Babington last month.

The project funds a total of 169 water tanks – one tank has been installed at Niua’s Community Hall compound at Havelu, and 168 for Niuafo’ou Island. Households will benefit from 152 tanks of 13,000 litres of water; while community, school and church halls will benefit from 17 tanks of 27,000 litres of water. 

The project builds on the work initiated by the Government of Tonga to ensure that all households have access to safe drinking water including wider household and community use.

MV Taka ‘i Pomana and the barge arrived Niuafo’ou on June 12. The water tanks were offloaded at Futu Wharf by four staff from the department who travelled with the cargoes and the M&J team with the assistance of the people of Niuafo’ou.

Figure 2 MV Taka ‘i Pomana docking at Futu Wharf, Niuafo’ou.

Figure 3 MEIDECC and M&J staff with the help from the people of Niuafo’ou offloading the water tanks  at Futu Wharf.