Refresher training for Vava’u refrigeration & air condition technicians

RAC Participants

On Wednesday the 25th of November, through the collaboration of the Government of Tonga and the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) and the assistance of the Montreal Protocol Compliance Action Team – the ozone layer protection unit from the Department of Climate Change from the Ministry of MEIDECC was able to jointly conduct the annual refresher training for Vava’u air condition and refrigeration technicians with the Tonga Refrigeration Engineering Association (TREA).

Due to the risks involved and the technical knowledge of the study materials, Mr. Uili Úlingaholo a senior officer from the MEIDECC office in Vava’u urged the participants in his opening remarks to participate with great focus. Mr Ulingaholo emphasized that there’s not only risk of self-harm, there is the risk of harm to the household and also risk of damage to the environment.

Opening remarks by Mr. Uili ‘Ulingaholo

Mr. Fatafehi Fakatava a master trainer from TREA conducted the training on the following areas:

  1. Good Practices for Reducing Refrigeration Consumption & Emissions
  2. Low GWP (Global Warming Potential) Refrigerant Alternatives
  3. RAC (Refrigeration & Air Condition) Installation Practices
  4. Repair & Maintenance

Mr. Fatafehi Fakatava – the master trainer from Tonga

The training took place at the Fakamelino Hall in Neiafu and was attended by TVET teachers and young technicians from the refrigeration sector in Vavaú.