Air Condition Safety and Refrigeration Safety

Figure 1The Ozone Division is headed by Mr. Aloisio Fifita at the Department of Climate Change, MEIDECC

On Wednesday the 10th & Thursday the 11thof November, the National Ozone Unit from the Department of Climate Change in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme organized a two days of technical training for technicians in the refrigeration and air condition sector.

Mr. Fatafehi Fakatava a master trainer and also general manager for Rapid Engineering, was the facilitator who ran the program, drawing from own technical experience in the field.

The training is part of a capacity building opportunity for newly recruited technicians on the work and safety measures applied in the industry of air-conditioning and refrigeration. Due to the high flammability level of low global warming potential refrigerants, special emphasis is place on the safety of the technician and the environment during the course.

In addition to the theoretical and practical demonstration on safe handling of refrigerants, other relevant topics where covered such as installation of room air conditions and maintenance of larger commercial cooling systems.

This capacity-building training will also continue to the Vavaú Island group refrigeration and air condition technicians in the upcoming week.