Journalist Briefing Workshop with Joint National Action Plan (JNAP) on climate change

On the 25th March 2021, the Chief Executive OfficerMr Paula Ma’u, officially opened a half-day workshop held by the Department of Climate Change under the Ministry of MEIDECC for media professionals and journalist from different Media Organization in Tonga.

This event marks the first time the Department of Climate Change has engage the media in Tonga to raise awareness and also focused on engaging the media to become integrated as stakeholders in Tonga’s Joint National Action Plan II on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management
Mr. Ma’u warmly welcomedthe participants and also thanking them in availing their time to attend the workshop.“Tonga is extremely vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change and disaster risks, it was ranked as the World’s Second most ‘At Risk’ country to all disasters as stated in the World Risk Report 2016”, he continued.

“Climate change poses a serious threat to Tonga, the environment, the land and the ocean in which the livelihood and existence of the people of Tonga, therefore the Information and Communication Division under the Department of Climate Change, organized an insight workshop to show how the Government of Tonga has been addressing the impacts of climate change through the Joint National Action Plan II”.
Mr. Paula Ma’u emphasized the important of engaging the media as one of the key partner to assist the Department of Climate Change on raising awareness and inform the general public on climate change.
The workshop followed by a presentation by the Director, Ms. LuʻisaTuʻiʻāfitu-Malolo and her fellow senior staff to enlighten the media journalist about the Department’s work.

The media-briefing workshop is funded by the NDC partnership, the NAP Global Network and the International Institute for Sustainable development in collaboration with the Department of Climate Change Communication Division and was held in the department’s conference room.