National Ozone Unit from Tonga, carries out a good service practice workshop on flammable refrigerants for Vava’u technicians

Participants who took part in the RAC technician workshop, Vava'u.
Participants who took part in the RAC technician workshop, Vava’u.

11th November, 2020 A joint team from the Ministry of MEIDECC and Tonga Refrigeration Engineering Association (TREA) has conducted two days (9 -10/November)of workshop on good servicing practices for flammable refrigerants for the RAC (refrigeration & air condition) technicians at the Fakamelino Hall, Neiafu, Vava’u.

In the opening session of the workshop, the officer in charge of the Ministry of MEIDECC -Vavaú branch, Ms. Lucy Faánunu during her welcoming remarks, highlighted the significance of this training in relation to climate change as well as the safety of the technicians and the other innocent souls within the work compound. Ms. Faánunu had also highly acknowledged the presence of female participants in the program due to her comparison with the past year trainings and its popularity to female technicians in the field. She ended her remarks by wishing all the partakers of the program the best of luck and also urged them to take solemn involvement, for this workshop will enhance their knowledge and skills in the RAC sector.

Mr. ‘Aloisio Fifita a member from the Department of Climate Change – Ministry of MEIDECC main office in Nuku’alofa, started the workshop with a presentation on the Science of Ozone Layer and its health and environmental impacts when depleted by human activities from the RAC environment. “The refrigerants that we will be discussing during this workshop are capable of deteriorating the ozone layer and must be cautiously kept from escaping into the atmosphere whilst installing or servicing any HCFC or HFC based equipment,” said Mr. Fifita. At the end of his presentation, he voiced out the importance of keeping our compliance with the Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the Ozone Layer.

The workshop proceeded to the theoretical sessions on the properties and types of flammable refrigerants, calculating charge size limits and ended up on the second day with the practical sessions on the best practice procedures. These sessions were conducted by Mr. Fatafehi Fakatava from the Tonga Refrigeration Engineering Association (TREA).

In conclusion, the workshop ended by awarding certificates to the participants from RAC sectors, teachers and students from vocational and training departments of various secondary schools. This workshop started in Tonga with the same objectives on the 3rd – 5th of November and has now successfully end in Neiafu, Vava’u.

Practical sessions
Practical sessions


Issued by the: Department of Climate Change (MEIDECC)