EU-GIZ Adapting to Climate Change and Sustainable Energy  

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The Kingdom of Tonga is a large tropical archipelago of 169 is- lands spread over 700,000 square kilometres of the western South Pacific Ocean. Tonga lies just west of the International Date Line, directly south of Samoa and north of New Zealand.

Most of the population lives in low-lying areas. In Western Tongatapu, parts of the communities lay less than two metres above sea level rendering properties vulnerable to flooding and coastal erosion caused by sea level rise, storm surge, heavy rain and catastrophic events such as tsunamis and cyclones. House-holds in this district tend to be of low economic means and tend to have limited ability to adapt or relocate.

The EU-GIZ ACSE programme helps people in 15 Pacific Island countries address two common challenges: adapting to climate change and reducing their dependence on fossil fuels.

GIZ is supporting the Government of Tonga and its dedicated project team to implement coastal protection trials in selected areas of Western Tongatapu. The team is working in close part- nership with the people of the Hihifo District.

Project Summary
Project Scope Community

Project TypeCommunity Awareness
Pilot/ Trial / Demonstration Project
Focus AreaBest practice guides
Training manuals and tools
Vulnerability assessments
Start Date01-Apr-2016
End Date02-Dec-2019
Short Title EU-GIZ ACSE
Project StatusCompleted
Implementing AgencyMinistry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Environment, Climate Change and Communication
Project Contact:
Project Objective1. Refurbishment and/or construction of coastal protection measures such as barriers, drainage systems and mangrove forests at high priority locations;
2. Completion of education and awareness actions to improve community knowledge of, and empowerment towards addressing coastal hazards, working closely with the six participating villages, local schools and youth groups; and
3. Establishment of the basis for a national shoreline monitoring system for Tonga focusing on awareness raising and training of government technicians and key community members;
4. Strengthened partnerships between government and communities to address coastal hazards in ways that are effective including the formation of a Hihifo District Coastal Committee and delivery actions such as the planting, monitoring and protecting mangroves at important locations
ActivitiesPriority 3: Use knowledge, innovation and education to build a culture of safety and resilience at all levels.
RFA Priorities:
Theme 1: Governance – Organisational, Institutional, Policy and Decision-making Frameworks
Donor Fund European Union

Pilot Site

  • Longomapu
  • Tefisi