Jonit National Action Plan on Cliamte Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management

Vision: To promote and ensure safe, healthy, secure and resilient communities to climate change impacts and disaster risks.


  1. Improved good governance for climate change adaptation and disaster risk management.
  2. Enhanced technical knowledge base, information, education and understanding of climate change adaptation and effective disaster risk management.
  3. Analysis and assessments of vulnerability to climate change impacts and disaster risk.
  4. Enhanced community preparedness and resilience to impacts of all disasters.
  5. Technically reliable, economically affordable and environmentally sound energy to support the sustainable development of the Kingdom.
  6. Strong partnerships, cooperation and collaboration within government agencies and with civil societies and NGOs.

The development of JNAP II is envisioned to complete this year and implementation to begin in 2017-until 2027. The formulation of JNAP II is made possible with funding from the EU-GIZ through the ACSE Project.

Note: JNAP Secretariat has been appointed to permanent senior positions of the Ministry under the Climate Change Division (as of January 2013, Malolo appointed as Director of the Department of Climate Change and in April 2014 Talo Fulivai and Ofa Kaisamy was appointed to senior positions at the Department of Climate Change.

Project Summary
Project ScopeNational
Project TypeCommunity Awareness
Disaster Response
Knowledge Communication
Pilot/ Trial/ Demostration Project
Planning and Governance
Focus AreaCapacity Building
Management Vulnerability Assessments
Start Date19-Feb-2010
End Date31-Dec-2014
Short TitleJNAP-CCADR 1
Project StatusCompleted
Implementing Agency Ministry of Enivironment and Climate Change
Project ObjectivieIncrease adaptive capacity of Tonga to CC impacts and DRM, increase accessibility to CC and DR funds
Donor FundAusAid

Pilot Site

  • Tongatapu