Third National Communication (TNC 3)

Tonga’s TNC Project will enable Tonga to prepare and submit its third national communication building on and strengthening the activities that have been carried out in preparing its second national communication. The project will further strengthen the national capacities and will further raise general knowledge and promote awareness on climate change and its effects. It will also strengthen the visibility of climate change issues on the national agenda through strengthened cooperation and increased involvement of all relevant stakeholders in the process. In addition, it will continue to strengthen and build national capacities for the effective implementation of the UNFCCC.

Project Summary
Project ScopeNational
Project TypeKnowledge Communication
Focus Area(a) National inventory of GHG emissions and removals,
(b) Programmes containing measures to facilitate adequate adaptation to, and mitigation of climate change, and
(c) Any other information considered relevant for the achievement of the objectives of the UNFCCC.
Start Date2013
End Date2017
Short TitleTNC
Project StatusCompleted
Implementing Agency Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
Donor FundGlobal Environment
Facility [GEF]

Pilot Site

  • Tongatapu