Global Climate Change Alliance Plus Scaling Up Pacific Adaptation

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Global Climate Change Alliance Plus Scaling Up Pacific Adaptation

Build on exsiting coastal protection work in northwest Tongatapu by the EU-GIZ adapting to Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Energy(ACSE)Programme. In an effort to help communities adapt to coastal issues such as flooding, the ACSE project implemented a combination of hard and soft coastal protection measures in high priority locations i.e a revement in ‘Ahau, a retaining wall in Kolovai and coastal replanting in select commuities in Hihifo District.

Project Summary
Project ScopeNational
Project TypeConstruction
Focus Area Conduct a coastal assessment, feasibility and conceptual design study for coastal protection along the entire morth coast of Tongatapu(Niutoua to Ha'atafu).
Implement small-scale coastal protection and ecosystem-based measures in northwest Tongatapu(Sopu to Ha'atafu).
Enhance awareness about the impact of climate change and natural disaster.
Start Date2020
End Date31-Dec-2022
Short TitleGCCA+SUPA
Project StatusCurrent
Implementing AgencyMinistry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Environment, Climate Change and Communication
Project ObjectiveCommunities on the Northern parts of Tongatapu are better equiped to undertake small-scale coatal protection measures(both hard and soft engineering measures)
ActivitiesEmploy a National Coordinator (3years)
Employ a Project Finance Assistant (3years)
Small-scale support for the National Coordinator and the Project Finance Assistant.
Project DonorEuropean Union

Pilot Site

  • Hihifo District Tongatapu