Tonga Low-Emission Development Strategy 2020-2050

Project Documents

Phasing out greenhouse gas emissions between now and 2050. It will therefore consider development through the lens of not only low-emissions, but also provety alleviation, resilience and adaption to climate chang, well-being, economic development and other development priorities that will be identified during the dialogue process.

Project Summary
Project ScopeNational
Project TypeMitigation
Focus AreaTonga
Start DateOctober 2021
End DateDecember 2021
Short TitleTonga LT-LEDS
Project StatusCurrent
Implementing AgencyMinistry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Environment, Climate Change and Communications
Project ObjectiveFor Tonga's policies and plans to reflect the ideas and direction of the LT-LEDS over time.
Strengthening and extending exsiting dialogue and governanace processes for planning for Tonga's future.
Engaging effectively with stakeholders, including clear and compelling communication of the vision and stratregy in the Tonga language.
Engaging effectively wit donors, so that they are inspired to invest Tonga's low-emissions future.
Tonga's enhance and future NDC's aligned with the pathways of the LT-LEDS.
Project DonorNew Zealand and supported by; Climate Works Australia, GGGI, Relative Creative

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