National Climate Change Awareness Begins in ‘Eua Island

The Department of Climate Change National Awareness Program in ‘Eua focused on delivering awareness activities at selected local communities and schools from 29th to 30th of July 2019.

Staff from the Department of Climate Change visited two high schools and four primary schools which includes ‘Eua High School, Hofangahau College, and ‘Eua Middle School of the Latter Day Saints, GPS ‘Angaha, GPS Tufuvai, GPS‘ Ohonua, GPS Ha’atu ’a and chosen communities including ‘Ohonua, Houma, Petani and Mu’a.

Events conducted including a short and brief discussion with local communities and schools to increase climate action by practicing simple solutions such as the planting trees. Temalisi Finau said, “During heavy rainfall we have witnessed soil erosion in slope areas. Therefore we are afraid that cutting of timber trees for business purposes will continue to exacerbate soil erosion and land-slide”.

On our visit to the LDS ‘Eua Middle School, the local teachers supported the department’s work and also acknowledged that “climate change” is one of the topics that is recognized and highlighted for the schools’ exam at the end of the year. They also elaborate since Climate Change has included in the Science subject will consider adding Climate Change into its syllabus.

Ma’ata Tuai, a teacher of ‘Eua High School said that was presentations presented to the students have made them realized the most important duties to fulfill in order to reduce the impacts of climate change. However, educating students with better solution to combat climate change will strengthen their knowledge for they are the future of this Island.

Local communities and schools are pleased to know that the Ministry especially the Department of Climate Change has considered to include ‘Eua in this years’ awareness program to save our future generation for we may need to increase our climate action.


Issued by the Department of Climate Change (MEIDECC)