Global Climate Change Alliance Plus Initiative (GCCA) Meet with Non-Government Organisation(NGO) for Scaling Up Adaptation (SUPA)

 The Global Climate Change Alliance(GCCA) held a meeting with the JNAP NGO Forum in order to consult the NGOs about the €500K grant allocated to Tonga for resilient development. The NGO’s were briefed on the decisions made prior in the morning meeting with the JNAP Technical Team. The NGO’s agreed with the decision to focus the granted resources from the GCCA+ SUPA on the Coastal Protection of vulnerable Western Tongatapu communities. The condition of the grant extended from focus on one sector to also implementing a minor option which relating to resilient development. The NGO’s present were all in agreement of contributing in the minor option of planting fauna such as mangroves to help buffer storm surges along the coastline. Several NGO members raised issues concerning Coastal Protection. One issue was the obsolescence of the coastal protective natural reef break with one member suggesting an artificial barrier. The GCCA representative from USP Prerna Chand established that artificial barriers will be detrimental to the natural eco system destroy more of the coral.