GCCA-PSIS continue to assist JNAP Secretariat to fund Climate Change Finance Specialist

EU GCCA-PSIS assisted the JNAP Secretariat in funding of a Climate Change Finance Specialist to assist the Tonga JNAP Secretariat and the National legal drafter to design the model of Tonga’s Climate Change Fund. The assistance was confirmed this year after a letter sent by the JNAP Secretariat late last year seeking assistance to fund a climate change finance specialist to help out in the designing of the Climate Change Fund. The finance specialist will work closely with the national legal drafter to review and in consultation with key stakeholders including the Legal Drafter, to review the Tonga Climate Change Fund Bill and assess t

he work required (including preparation of terms of reference) to:

revise the Tonga Climate Change Fund Bill so that it is line with the selected Tonga Climate Change Fund Model;

prepare regulations to the Bill and/or an operational manual;

assess administrative costs to manage the Tonga Climate Change Fund including a cost recovery mechanism and schedule of fees.

Meanwhile the JNAP Secretariat is holding ongoing consultations with the national legal drafter on the upcoming consultancy.

The GCCA together with the JNAP Secretariat shortlisted Mr. Brian Bell and Bell Company to take the lead role in reviewing the Tonga Climate Change Fund and designing of the model for the Tonga Climate Change Fund.

The work is proposed to start in June 2014.