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    National Climate Change Awareness Week Begins at Vava’u


    Today, the Department of Climate Change under the Ministry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Risk Management, Environment, Climate Change and Communication (MEIDECC) began its national awareness activities, on the theme “Increase Climate Action to Save Tonga!” at Vava’u.


    ‘Oku ‘amanaki ke faka’ilonga’i makehe ‘e he Va’a Feliuliuaki ‘o e ‘Ea ‘oku fakamalumalu ‘I he potungaue MEIDECC ‘a hono fakamanatua Fakafonua ‘a e uike ki hono tokangaekina ‘a e Feliuliuaki ‘o e ‘Ea. “Hiki Hake ‘a e Ngaue ki he Feliuliuaki ‘o e ‘Ea, Ke Fakahaofi ‘a e Tonga!”. Koe Kaveinga ia kuo fokotu’u ki he polokalama ni.

     ‘E kamata ‘ia ‘i he ‘aho 15-19 ‘o Siulai ‘i he Lolo ‘a Halaevalu (Vava’u Lahi), 22-26 ‘i Ha’apai Veu, 29 Siulai-01 ‘Aokosi ‘i he FungaFonua (‘Eua) pea toki faka’osi mai ki Tongatapu ‘i he ‘aho 11-16 ‘Aokosi 2019.


    Recently Nicola Sturgeon announced: “As First Minister of Scotland, I am declaring that there is a climate emergency. And Scotland will live up to our responsibility to tackle it.”

    At Westminster Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn initiated a motion to Parliament, which was passed without a vote, which also declared a climate emergency.



    As the United Kingdom pursues a development policy which puts the climate emergency and environmental protection at the heart of overseas aid, Caritas Australia urges the Australian Government to also reflect the urgent threats as well as the regional opportunities for leadership, which climate change calls for in our own region.

    Caritas Australia is the Catholic Church’s aid and development agency and part of one of the largest humanitarian networks in the world.


    The World Bank will prioritise climate change resilience when working with Australia and New Zealand on their greater engagement in the Pacific.

    Its vice president for East Asia and the Pacific, Victoria Kwakwa, was in Tonga last week for talks.

    She says after meetings with private sector representatives, the World Bank will also look at safeguarding businesses from climate disasters.

    Speaking from Tonga Ms Kwakwa told Mackenzie Smith how the bank will work within Australia's 'Step Up' and New Zealand's 'Pacific Reset'.


    20th June,2019 The National Ozone Unit of the Department of Climate Change under the Ministry of MEIDECC hosted the Final National Stakeholder Workshop on the Implementation of Enabling Activities for HFC Phase-down and Country Assessment Report today, at Basilica Conference Room.

    Principal Ozone Officer and Head of Division, Mr. Uikelotu Vunga said, the workshop is organized to present the implementation of the Enabling Activities that were implemented over the last 17 months since its approval.


    Pupils at the Maamaloa Primary School in Tonga learn more about climate change through a Dunedin-linked educational trip, which began this week.

    Staff from the University of Otago and Otago Museum have been visiting schools in Tonga during a 10-day visit, based on the museum's popular "Far From Frozen'' travelling exhibition, museum visitor experience and science engagement director Craig Grant said yesterday.


    A meeting was held by representatives of the Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA) with the Joint National Action Plan (JNAP) technical team to discuss the application and allocation of a €500K grant to Tonga. Entitled the ‘Global Climate Change Alliance Plus (GCCA+) – Scaling Up Pacific Adaptation’ (SUPA); the grant is funded by the European Union at a total of €14.89m for TEN (10) Pacific Nations.


     The Global Climate Change Alliance(GCCA) held a meeting with the JNAP NGO Forum in order to consult the NGOs about the €500K grant allocated to Tonga for resilient development. The NGO’s were briefed on the decisions made prior in the morning meeting with the JNAP Technical Team. The NGO’s agreed with the decision to focus the granted resources from the GCCA+ SUPA on the Coastal Protection of vulnerable Western Tongatapu communities. The condition of the grant extended from focus on one sector to also implementing a minor option which relating to resilient development.


    12th June 2019 The people of Tonga can learn more about freezing Antarctica and what role it plays in the Climate Change scenario when they visit the ‘Far from Frozen’ exhibition at the King Taufa’ahau Tupou IV Domestic Wharf terminal in Ma’ufanga here in Tongatapu.

    The Minister for MEIDECC, Hon Poasi Tei, said this morning that the exhibition will be a source of learning for students and all members of the public interested to find out more about climate change.