Tonga CRSP Semi-Annual Safeguard Monitoring Report No.4 January-June 2018

Tonga CRSP Semi-Annual Safeguard Monitoring Report No.4 January-June 2018

This document reports the monitoring of the Social and Environmental Safeguards of the Climate Resilience Sector Project (CRSP) for the period of January 2018 to June 2018. During this reporting period, ESU has monitored the CRSP project activities, identifying challenges and measures to address these challenges as well as proposed activities for the next period of activities. This is summarized below in Table 2: Safeguards Activities.  
Key outcomes highlighted in this report indicated that the project and its subprojects are largely
on-track to meet the requirements of ADB Social and Environmental Safeguards. Sub-projects:
Mangrove Rehabilitation; and Meteorological are on schedule compared to the last report.
Gender dimensions of Climate Change activities are a crosscutting component, which is
addressed under a Gender Action Plan (GAP). This key area has improved by a coordinated
approach with more strategic activities that encompass efforts to build social and environmental
resilience to climate change.

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