The Pacific Adventures of the Climate Crab

The Pacific Adventures of the Climate Crab

An animation and toolkit which raises awareness of the science and impacts of El Niño and La Niña and encourages Pacific Islanders to take early action in preparing for these extreme events. The film stars a comical and highly resilient crab and follows her escapades across the Pacific.

The Pacific island countries can experience very wet or very dry conditions as a result of El Niño and La Niña. These conditions, along with extreme events like cyclones, can have serious impacts on water quality, food security,infrastructure (like houses and roads), livelihoods and health. However, good quality climate and weather information, warnings and forecasts can help us anticipate and prepare for changing risks.

The animation comes with a resource ‘tool kit’ to help facilitators link the information in the film with smart decision-making and action on the ground. The toolkit contains an Action Handbook and a PowerPoint presentation.

You can screen the animation in your community or workplace. It can be streamed from the Pacific Climate Change website, via YouTube, or downloaded in high resolution (55 MB)  or low resolution (10 MB) versions.

 Access Pacific Adventures of the Climate Crab website for the full toolkit and animation.

Access the animation only via YouTube.

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