Inception Workshop - GIZ ACSE Projects

Inception Workshop - GIZ ACSE Projects

                       Press Release: EU-GIZ ACSE Projects Inception Workshop


6th December, 2016.


The Inception Workshop for the EU-GIZ Adapting to Climate Change and Sustainable Energy (ACSE) projects in Tonga will be conducted Today, Tuesday 6th of December 2016, at the Moulton Hall, Nuku'alofa.


Tonga is implementing two projects titled; i. Climate Finance and JNAPIIand ii.Coastal Protection Trials in Western Tongatapu.Today's meeting will specifically focus on the Coastal Protection project in Western Tongatapu.


The purpose of this workshop is to inform the relevant stakeholders about the two projects; introduce the project team; and, to further discuss the proposed coastal protection measures to be implemented in the six coastal communities (Fo'ui, Ha'avakatolo, Kolovai, 'Ahau, Kanokupolu and Ha'atafu) in the western district of Tongatapu.


The overall objective of the Coastal Protection project is "To increase resilience of coastal communities on western Tongatapu to climate change impacts and to sustain their livelihoods".


"This is an exciting project. Already there are indication of nature doing a good job in protecting the coast and we want to make this work better (working with nature) as it's very costly to work against it. In addition to this is that plants are growing, sand is building up in some areas and fish and other marine organism are freely moving around particularly from 'Ahau to the South", says Manu P. Manuofetoa, the In-Country Coordinator for the EU-GIZ ACSE projects.


GIZ Technical Adviser, Mr. Craig Bohm shares similar sediments by saying that ACSE projects staffs and the communities will discuss specific actions with emphasis on nature and how it helps reduce flooding. Other action will include planting mangroves and protecting property where practical.


The project will run for two years from May 2016 - 31 December, 2018 and the project team is look forward to working hand-in-hand with the local community to make this project a success.


The project is funded by the European Union (EU) with Technical Assistance from GIZ. The Ministry of Finance and National Planning is the Recipient of funds. The project team works for the Ministry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Environment, Climate Change and Communications (MEIDECC). MEIDECC and its Climate Change Department selected the two EU-GIZ ACSE projects and is responsible for their implementation.


Media Contact: Manu Manuofetoa (ph: 8444 917)



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