Final Consultation on the Mandatory Labeling Requirement for HCFC/HFC Refrigerants Prior to Commencing in August, 2022

Mr.’Aloisio Fifita in his presentation

On the 11thof July 2022, the Government of Tonga through MEIDECC’s Department of Climate Change facilitated the final consultation meeting on Mandatory Labeling Requirements for HCFC & HFC refrigerants. The meeting was led by the National Ozone Layer Protection Division, with the aim of discussing the principle mechanisms and approaches to successfully implement the labeling of HCFC/HFC refrigerant bottles imported to the Kingdom. This tool is formulated to help the National Ozone Unit in monitoring of HCFC/HFC imports as well as deterring importers from illegal trade.  Joining alongside several neighboring island countries in this initiative promotes regional cooperation and sustaining compliance with the Montreal Protocol.

Representatives from relevant stakeholders and government ministries in their discussions

The meeting was filled with the fruitful discussions and concerns of the participants. Mr. Aloisio Fifita from the National Ozone Unit (NOU) reiterated the requirements for successful implementation of mandatory labeling system in Tonga. He emphasized that meeting the requirements will reduce smuggling of refrigerants and also aid consumer protection and occupational safety.  “Basically, the requirements are: applying for an import permit with all the relevant information required, and upon arrival of shipment, the NOU will be standing by customs officials during the inspection of imports for approval labeling with non-detachable stickers if inspection results are all right,” concluded Mr. Fifita.

Group discussion

Through UNEP, the National Ozone Layer Protection Unit will ensure all procedures are completed prior to commencing of labeling in August this year as well as the continuous joint collaborations with stakeholders to prevent future attempts to harm our Ozone Layer.